Claire Christensen

BFA Exhibition Website


Each year, the senior thesis projects are collected and documented for public online view. Starting in 2022, this collection has its own website hosted through Cargo.


Working with Steve Bowden through Maine College of Art & Design’s Marketing Department, I designed the website to emphasize the work of each student. Much of the work was populating the website with content that was provided by the students.

The branding of each year’s thesis exhibition is typically designed by the student curatorial team. I worked with the given assets to create a similar environment that these students had created with their branding.


Refraction is the 2023 BFA Thesis Exhibition.

Exhibitions Coordinator: Sarah Sawtelle.
The Curatorial Team: Cyra Bernal, Melanie Kim, Ellie Quillen, and Sierra Yvonne.
Logo design by Kiana Thayer.


Entwine is the 2022 BFA Thesis Exhibition.

Assistant Director of Exhibitions: Nikki Rayburn.
The Curatorial Team: Andy Jones, Courtney Normandin, Trey Jones, and Lauren Grant.

Claire Christensen